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Here are links to a few research papers and reports that I've helped out on or written myself over the past couple years or so. Some of these have also been presented at academic conferences (feel free to email me at for slides, or any other info regarding these works).


Benchmarking Transport Equity in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA) - Allen, J. & Farber, S. - Transport Findings - Link

Measuring the Local Economic Impacts of Replacing On-Street Parking With Bike Lanes - Arancibia, D., Farber, S., Savan, B., Verlinden, Y., Smith Lea, N., Allen, J. & Vernich, L. - Journal of the American Planning Association - Link

A measure of competitive access to destinations for comparing across multiple study regions - Allen, J. & Farber, S. - Geographical Analysis - Link

Book Review: "The Geography of Urban Transportation" - Allen, J. - The Canadian Geographer/Le Géographe canadien - Link

Sizing up transport poverty: a national scale accounting of low-income households suffering from inaccessibility in Canada - Allen, J. & Farber, S. - Transport Policy - Link

Mapping differences in access to public libraries by travel mode and time of day - Allen, J. - Library & Information Science Research - Link


Using network segments in the visualization of urban isochrones - Allen, J. - Cartographica - Link

Association between residential self-selection and non-residential built environment exposures - Howell, N. A., Farber, S., Widener, M. J., Allen, J., & Booth, G. L. - Health & place - Link

How time-use and transportation barriers limit on-campus participation of university students - Allen, J., & Farber, S. - Travel Behaviour and Society - Link

Transportation barriers to Syrian newcomer participation and settlement in Durham Region - Farber, S., Mifsud, A., Allen, J., Widener, M. J., Newbold, K. B., & Moniruzzaman, M. - Journal of Transport Geography - Link

Mapping Inequalities of Access to Employment and Quantifying Transport Poverty in Canadian Cities - Allen, J. - University of Toronto - (Master's Thesis) - Link

A new tool for neighbourhood change research: The Canadian Longitudinal Census Tract Database, 1971–2016. - Allen, J., & Taylor, Z. - The Canadian Geographer/Le Géographe canadien - Link

Comparative visualizations of transport networks in Calgary using shortest-path trees - Allen, J. - Environment and Planning A: Economy and Space - Link


Economic Impact Study of Bike Lanes in Toronto’s Bloor Annex and Korea Town Neighbourhoods - Smith Lea, N., Verlinden, Y., Savan, B., Arancibia, D., Farber, S., Vernich, L., & Allen, J. - TCAT - Link

Constructing a Routable Retrospective Transit Timetable from a Real-time Vehicle Location Feed and GTFS - Wessel, N., Allen, J., & Farber, S. - Journal of Transport Geography - Link

How do changes in the daily food and transportation environments affect healthy food accessibility? - Widener, M., Minaker, L., Farber, S., Allen, J., Vitali, B., Coleman, B., Cook, B. - Applied Geography - Link

Improving Access to Digital Historical Census Boundaries in Canada - Allen, J. & Leahey, A. - ACMLA Bulletin - Link