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A measure of competitive access to destinations for comparing across multiple study regions - Allen, J. & Farber, S. - Geographical Analysis - Link

Sizing up transport poverty: a national scale accounting of low-income households suffering from inaccessibility in Canada - Allen, J. & Farber, S. - Transport Policy - Link

Mapping differences in access to public libraries by travel mode and time of day - Allen, J. - Library & Information Science Research - Link


Using network segments in the visualization of urban isochrones - Allen, J. - Cartographica - Link

Association between residential self-selection and non-residential built environment exposures - Howell, N. A., Farber, S., Widener, M. J., Allen, J., & Booth, G. L. - Health & place - Link

How time-use and transportation barriers limit on-campus participation of university students - Allen, J., & Farber, S. - Travel Behaviour and Society - Link

Generating measures of access to employment for Canada's eight largest urban regions - Allen, J. & Farber, S. - (Technical Report) - Link

Transportation barriers to Syrian newcomer participation and settlement in Durham Region - Farber, S., Mifsud, A., Allen, J., Widener, M. J., Newbold, K. B., & Moniruzzaman, M. - Journal of Transport Geography - Link

Mapping Inequalities of Access to Employment and Quantifying Transport Poverty in Canadian Cities - Allen, J. - University of Toronto - (Master's Thesis) - Link

A new tool for neighbourhood change research: The Canadian Longitudinal Census Tract Database, 1971–2016. - Allen, J., & Taylor, Z. - The Canadian Geographer/Le Géographe canadien - Link

Comparative visualizations of transport networks in Calgary using shortest-path trees - Allen, J. - Environment and Planning A: Economy and Space - Link


Economic Impact Study of Bike Lanes in Toronto’s Bloor Annex and Korea Town Neighbourhoods - Smith Lea, N., Verlinden, Y., Savan, B., Arancibia, D., Farber, S., Vernich, L., & Allen, J. - TCAT - Link

Constructing a Routable Retrospective Transit Timetable from a Real-time Vehicle Location Feed and GTFS - Wessel, N., Allen, J., & Farber, S. - Journal of Transport Geography - Link

How do changes in the daily food and transportation environments affect healthy food accessibility? - Widener, M., Minaker, L., Farber, S., Allen, J., Vitali, B., Coleman, B., Cook, B. - Applied Geography - Link

Improving Access to Digital Historical Census Boundaries in Canada - Allen, J. & Leahey, A. - ACMLA Bulletin - Link