maps by Jeff Allen ©

  calgary | three modes to city hall

  parking ticket density in Toronto, 2016

  purple city wallpaper

  southeast Scarborough, ON typographic map

  montreal fractal tree

  toronto traffic lights

  a global topographic base map

  travel times - bike vs. transit

  simple distance to transit schematic

  huaraz terrain wallpaper

  home-campus trips in Toronto

  day vs. night transit from U of T

  access to jobs in Toronto

  UAE expatriate demographics

  drone strikes in Afghanistan

  olympic cities

  just the roads of Great Britain

  isochronic commuter rail map

  rinks, population density, and income

  transit stop frequency in Montreal

  volcanoes & tectonic plates

  Toronto building heights - 2015

  Dubai b/w 2015

  blueprint cartography for google maps

  cinema screens per capita

  migration routes of Syrian refugees

  toronto fractal tree

  NHL team relocation

  calgary fractal tree

  parking ticket density in Toronto, 2015

  building volume / land area

  NA high speed rail concept


  global human footprint

  hex bins of university students

  visualizing Toronto's transit ridership

  libraries vs population density in Toronto

  Toronto's red light cameras

  population density + figure ground

  travel pathways by mode

  MLB team relocation

  Berlin figure ground

  Cosmic streetcar loop

  mapping Harrer's seven years in Tibet

  major rail lines in the USA